Laker Group offer a number of services to meet your industrial needs. We understand that no two systems are designed the same, and with the high level of expertise we have, we can assure you the customised quality of work we deliver is only the best.


Achieving agricultural excellence is an integral part of our service offering. We work closely with our clients to understand critical project issues and to achieve safe, sustainable and cost-effective agricultural solutions.


Our expertise in the residential space looks at helping clients design and break ground on their homes through offering a full range of professional services for residential projects.


As a trusted partner in commercial property engineering, Laker Group has helped re-shape expectations of top-tier commercial working environments.


Municipal areas are growing and with the changing urban landscape, a lot of research and highly-regarded insights are channelled into each solution for our clients.


For schools across the nation, creating a stimulating, safe and sustainable learning environment is critical to developing the critical thinkers of the future and building the most conducive environment for education.

Mining & Quarries

Laker Group can provide cost-effective project and program delivery solutions and mining-related services, we use advanced digital technologies for surface and underground mining.